GOLD Certified Backyard Habitat in SE Portland

This couple in Southeast Portland love birds and sought Branch Out’s help in creating a landscape design and planting plan that would help them achieve Backyard Habitat Certification. Native plants, removal of invasive species, various levels of plant material for varied habitat, and a water source are all important components of certification for this popular program. The property already had several levels of plants, ranging from a 30+ foot pine tree to ground cover plants, but it was lacking in clustered groupingsĀ of native plants, and also needed an aesthetic boost.

The new design, installed by The Garden Retreat LLC, involved removing a significant number of overgrown and unhealthy plants and replacing these with drought-tolerant natives. New edging and planter boxes were added in the front courtyard area, along with open fencing to let in more light. The front stairs got a make-over, and a new crushed gravel pathway allows for a more pleasant stroll to the back yard. On the upper deck, a privacy screen gives the area an entirely different feel – a secluded oasis in the midst of the city, and planters on the railing add even more growing space. Natural stone paving under the deck creates a clean look and more pleasant ambiance.


A private oasis for bird lovers. Screening can do wonders!


The front parking area feels light and airy with a new fence, raised beds, and stacked stoned retaining walls.


A once overgrown path is now a pleasant walkway.