Resolve to Mulch

Bark dust, mulch, soil health

Adding fresh mulch annually looks great and makes your plants and soil healthier.

Happy New Year! I hope this post finds you well. While gardening is not often top of mind this time of year, it’s a great time to take care of some of those often neglected tasks such as spreading a fresh coat of bark mulch in your beds. Adding approximately 3 inches of decomposed bark mulch to your planting beds each year provides many benefits:

  • Increased insulation during cold snaps;
  • Added water retention during summer heat;
  • Improved soil health by adding nutrients and reducing compaction;
  • Weed suppression;
  • It looks good!

To really give your plants a head start, add compost to the surrounding soil before you mulch. Just remember to keep the mulch an inch or two away from the base of your plants, including shrubs and trees.

I prefer to use dark hemlock – it’s a “sliverless” variety, and I think the dark color looks great. A few places in the Portland Metro area where you can find good quality bark mulch include:

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