Better Backyards

In my last blog post I mentioned I attended a weed eradication workshop hosted by the Audubon Society of Portland and Columbia Land Trust. As a follow-up to this, I attended an additional training workshop and am now a member of the Backyard Habitat Landscape Directory! I’m excited to be a part of this knowledgeable group of professionals committed to restoring native wildlife habitats bit by bit throughout Portland and Lake Oswego.

The Backyard Habitat Certification Program (BHCP) offers Silver, Gold and Platinum certification levels and offers a menu of improvements you can choose to incorporate in your landscape. These “menu items” are as simple as having a wildlife water feature (aka bird bath) to as complex as installing an ecoroof. Participating in the program is easy – just fill out an application, and BHCP will arrange a site visit with a  Backyard Habitat Technician who will provide technical assistance to help you identify ways to enhance and create a habitat in your yard.

If you need some help designing your habitat or are struggling with the vision for how this habitat will flow with and enhance your overall landscape, that’s where I come in the picture! As a landscape designer and member of the Backyard Habitat Landscape Directory I can help create a retreat that both you and the beneficial critters in our area will love. Call me any time.